Grape Soda

by Fidel Catastrophe

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This album is a mixture of songs I've recorded over the past two or three years. It's free or you can give me money if you want. I hope you like it. I did the mixing and mastering myself, so it might sound inconsistent, but whatever. I might add some songs to it too, so...if you buy it once, just download those songs for free if you already gave money.


released September 30, 2014

All songs written, performed and recorded by Karl Spaeth



all rights reserved


Fidel Catastrophe Cincinnati, Ohio

Fidel Catastrophe is Karl Spaeth's music project.

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Track Name: I'm On Fire
Since we last spoke
I've been slinging jokes
Moved out of my folks
But I'm still broke

I'm not lying
I'm on fire

Since turning 30
My jokes have gotten dirty
My songs are less wordy
But my back's been hurting

I'm not lying
I'm on fire
Track Name: Dead Mice
Getting sick of the smell of dead mice
But it freaked me out when I saw one alive
Been smoking too much just to get outside

If you or me should ever go
I hope we stay in touch
I know that I would miss you
You wouldn't miss me much

And if you call me tomorrow
Please stay on the phone
I tell you all about your sorrows
And how we're all alone
I don't like my mind much these days
Track Name: Please Please
Please please, don’t ask me to speak
I try but my words are weak

This is getting old
And It keeps getting worse
I don’t know, should I rehearse?
My death scene or maybe hers
A suicide note, verse for verse
Or the bible, word for word

I don’t know what else to say
You’re always in my way
My parents thought that I was gay
When I was in the 11th grade
I’m not but at the time I could see why they thought that way
Now if I died ladies would cry over my grave

Please, please don't as me to speak
I try but my words are weak
Track Name: Seasonal Depression
I was staring at girls at my friends funeral
And then I accidentally honked my horn at the entire procession
Somebody asked me "hey, why'd you do that, man?"
I said "I don't know" and blamed it on the economic recession
They said "Don't you know that doesn't make any sense?"
I said, "yeah, I know." And blamed it on my depression
And this will go down as the worst day of my life
Except all the other worse days I've had that I survived
I can't iron a shirt, but I can tie a tie.
I'm half an adult, and I know that we all die
I really like your coat
And I really like your hair
But I really kind of hate the way you are not self aware
So let me know if you ever change your mind
Because I've had worse days than this that I managed to survive
Track Name: The Sickest Sick
Of all the things I've known
The one I've known the most
Is that loneliness stays in your bones
It's in the middle of your marrow
Like in the tomb of a pharaoh
Singing a song like a sparrow
It's the sickest sick

And they say that I am known
I know this in my bones
And I should show
The world my glow
I think that what you say is true
But sometimes I just need some proof
Oh my God
It's the sickest sick

Oh, it's the sickest sick
Track Name: Girls
Hey don't let me fall asleep
I had too much to drink
And I'm pretty sure I figured out where these stomach problems are coming from
They're you, the suburbs and the police
And all those greasy meats my parents had me eat when I was young
And I am trying hard to improve
But don't really know what to do
I could manage my money better, and honey, I think you'll realize that you were wrong
Track Name: Too Soon
You're a trainwreck, a car crash and an airline disaster
Hoping you burn out faster than Kurt Cobain or Ernest Hemmingway
They both looked the same after a shotgun blast to the face
And I'm sorry about that one
I know it's inappropriate
But don't say it's too soon
It's just tasteless
And I caught you smiling
At the dark shit that I say
So don't say it's too soon
Just stay
Track Name: It Was a Bad Summer
Oh, I love you so or maybe I'm just afraid of the unknown
As all my failures come calling
And I'd look any thief right in the eyes
I'd step between you and that knife or gun or whatever is so threatening

If you be my blood I'll be your guts
If you be my bones I'll be your marrow
Inside, keeping each other alive

So you see, I think that you could feel safe with me
I am healthy I am strong I am kinder I am wiser
At least that's what I think
So maybe, it'll all be better
I think we both know we had a really bad summer
So let's forget it now, and hopefully it'll all work out

If you be my blood I'll be your guts
If you be my bones I'll be your marrow
If you be my cast I'll be your crutch
If you be my song I'll be your sparrow
Who flew only singing you
Track Name: Graveyard
I'm sorry I came
And forgot your name
I guess I was drunk
I know who you are
But where'd I park my car?
This place feels like a graveyard

Oh, you know that this never really goes away
Oh, you hope that this'll get better someday

So, now you know
It's a heavy load
I only panic when I'm all alone
So one ends, and another begins
I guess I'm just used to it

Oh, you know that I don't need you
Oh, you hope that one day I'll believe you
Track Name: Streetlights
On a summer night
In the car under streetlights
Blood on my fingers
Blood on my seat
How did we love ?
Why did I leave?
Only you know the real me.
How do I love?
Why did I leave?

On a winter's night
By the car under streetlights
Tears on my fingers
Tears on my cheek
How do you love?
Why did you leave?
Only you know the real me,
How do you love?
Why did you leave?

I'll be fine once I get out of my mind
I'll be fine